Catalog of Specialty Areas:  Arts and Culture, Arts Education, Film, Multi-media, Music + Performing and Creative Arts + Basic and Emergency Aid + Religion, Christianity, Faith-based Initiatives +Community and Economic Development + Community Improvement, Natural Disaster Recovery + Veterinary Care, Protection of Domesticated and Exotic Animals + Education – Elementary, Secondary & Post-secondary Education + Adult Literacy + Family and Human Services + Health Care,  Diseases, Conditions, Addictions Prevention & Services +Sports & Recreation + Housing Development + Housing for the Homeless, Veteran and Affordable Housing + International & Immigration Resources and Services + Museums, Art, History + Natural Resources, Environmental Conservancy & Protection + Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry + Shelter and Residential Care, Independent and Assisted Living + Special Population, Under-served, At-risk Support & Services + Scientific and Technical Education, Research & Development, STEM + Women’s Services, Parent Education & Services + Youth Development & Services+Domestic Violence Against Women and Children.  


     Business Development Catalog:  Events – Seminars – Workshops – Courses

  • How to Start a Nonprofit 501 (c) 3 Tax Exempt Business 
  • How to Find and Win Grants  
  • How to Find and Win Government Contracts  
  • Introduction to Grant Writing 
  • Advanced Grant Writing 
  • Non-profit Law & Governance 
  • How to Write a Business Plan   
  • Introduction to QuickBooks 101:  Organize & Manage Your Business 
  • Introduction to Non-profit Fundraising 101:  Best Practices & Compliance
  • Introduction to Copyright, Patents, and Trademarks
  • Grant Writing two-Day Boot Camp 
  • Guest Speaker Available for Board Meetings, Conferences, and Special Events
  • Host a Business Development Event for Your Community or Private Event 
  • Sponsorship and Guest Speaker Opportunities 
  • White Linen Annual Networking Event
  • Cultural Arts:  Introduction to Creative and Puppetry Arts
  • Cultural Arts:  How to Start a Creative & Puppetry Arts Children’s Ministry 

NOTE:   A Tablet, iPad, or Laptop is strongly recommended for all events; however, not required. Light refreshments and or lunch are provided at most events. Registered Service Animals may be permitted with prior notice, proof of certifications, and as space and venue authority allows. All attendees must be registered, regardless of age. Remember to bring an event ticket as proof of registration.

If you are a Business Development Consultant, Trainer, Instructor, Writer, or Mentor and would like to join our Staff please contact Customer Service at

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