The Center for Business Innovative Research, Inc. (CBIR) is a business development, training, and consulting organization located in Atlanta, GA. Our ultimate goal is to bring your vision to fruition.  Our Mission is to provide the educational training and resources organizations need to compete for public and private funding for their business, project, and program initiatives.  CBIR provides training opportunities to help Individuals, For-profit and Nonprofit Organizations find, apply, and secure government, foundation, and corporate grants and contracts. Our trainers and consultants are professional experts from various industries with over 30+ years of experience in Business Development & Grants and Contracts Research Administration.

They have secured and managed millions of dollars in government, foundation, and private funding. On-site training, live and recorded Online Webinars are available. Receive exclusive discounts for hosting a Community event in your area or hosting a Private event for your organization. Consultants are available for Speaking Engagements and Introductory Presentations.

We welcome the opportunity to address your Board of Directors, Advisory and Special Committee Boards regarding Grants and Contracts. CBIR also offers fee-based Consulting Services in Business Development, Research Administration-Grants & Contracts Pre and Post Award Management, and Grant Writing.

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