Prerequisites for Hiring a Professional Grant Writer:

When you hire a Grant Writing Consultant to develop and write a proposal or complete an application for a grant, a considerable amount of “EFFORT” is required. The organization should designate a Grants Manager to assist the Consultant in getting the information necessary for a competitive proposal. The Grants Manager will ensure that the organization’s grant-making and related processes, documents, procedures, and implementation are executed professionally, efficiently, on schedule, and in a manner consistent with best practices.

The Grants Manager may provide the following assistance:



  • Ensure cooperation and participation with the Consultant
  • Provide the 501 c 3 Determination Letter
  • Ensure current registration with SAM (annual registration required)
  • Provide DUNS Number and CAGE Code
  • Provide Business Plan, with Vision and Mission Statement
  • Provide Strategic Plan for Project or Program Initiative(s)
  • Provide Business: Phone, Email, Website, and Social Media Platforms
  • Provide an Annual Organization Budget
  • Provide Business Annual Tax Reports (Form 990/990-EZ)
  • Provide Project or Program Budget Estimates (plus budget line item details for the Budget Narrative)
  • Provide a Summary of the project  (statement of work, services, target population, service area, project staffing plan, etc.)
  • Provide information on current programs, projects, and services offered
  • Provide resume and bio of Key Personnel (Board Members & Senior Management)
  • Provide Staff Position Job Titles and Job Descriptions
  • Provide policy and procedures for contracting bid process
  • Provide information for award application forms
  • Review documents and proposal prepared by the Grant Consultant
  • Review the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), required forms, and instructions
  • Ensure that the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) has all the necessary documents to submit the grant application and proposal


Who is eligible to apply for grants?

  • Individuals, businesses, and government agencies are eligible to apply for grants. Consideration should be given not just to eligibility but also whether or not they are most fit and competitive to win.
  • Nonprofit organizations with a Tax-exempt and Charitable status are more competitive to win government, foundation, and corporate grants.
  • For-profit businesses (corporations, partnerships, sole proprietors. limited liability companies) are more competitive to win government contracts but are eligible to apply for grants as well.