Grant Manager Responsibilities:

When you hire a Grant Writer to develop and write a proposal or complete an application for a grant, a considerable amount of “EFFORT” is required. The organization should designate a Grant Manager to assist the Consultant in getting the information necessary to develop a competitive proposal. The Grant Manager will ensure that the organization’s grant-making and related processes, documents, procedures, and implementation are executed professionally, efficiently, on schedule, and in a manner consistent with best practices.

The Grant Manager may provide the following assistance to the Grant Writing Consultant:



  • Ensure cooperation and participation 
  • Provide the 501 c 3 Determination Letter
  • Ensure current registration with SAM 
  • Provide DUNS Number and CAGE Code
  • Provide Business Plan, with Vision and Mission Statement & Budgets
  • Provide Strategic Plan for Project or Program Initiative(s)
  • Provide Designated Business: Phone, Email, Website, and Social Media Platform Information
  • Provide an Annual Organization Budget
  • Provide Business Annual Tax Reports (Form 990/990-EZ)
  • Provide Project or Program Budget Estimates (plus budget line item details for the Budget Narrative)
  • Provide a Summary of the project  (statement of work, services, target population, service area, project staffing plan, etc.)
  • Provide information on current programs, projects, and services offered
  • Provide resume and bio of Key Personnel (Board Members & Senior Management)
  • Provide Staff Position Job Titles and Job Descriptions
  • Provide policy and procedures for contracting bid process
  • Provide information for award application forms
  • Review documents and proposals prepared by the Grant Writing Consultant
  • Review the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), required forms, and instructions
  • Ensure that the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) has all the necessary documents to submit the grant application and proposal


Who is eligible to apply and win grants?

  • Individuals, businesses, and government agencies are eligible to apply and win grants. Consideration should be given not just to eligibility but also to whether or not they are most fit and competitive to win.
  • Nonprofit organizations with a Tax-exempt and Charitable status are more competitive to win government, foundation, and corporate grants.
  • For-profit businesses (corporations, partnerships, sole proprietors. limited liability companies) are more competitive to win government and industry contracts.