CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS:  Earn a Training Certificate as a Certified Professional in Grant Writing and Entrepreneurial Development (CP-GWED).   Business Development Professionals such as Grant Writers, Consultants, Accountants, Financial Managers, and Business Coaches & Mentors, etc., should keep their skills sharp by taking professional development courses.  In this certificate program, participants will develop core competencies that will enable them to find, apply, secure, and manage grants and contracts for start-ups, small businesses, for-profit and non-profit organizations, and lead Research Development teams.

There are no pre-requisite requirements for earning this credential. Upon successful completion of this five-course curriculum, you will become a member of the CP-GWED Guild and gain access to exclusive member benefits that include: free phone consultations, member discounts for future events and workshops, affiliate rewards for referrals, attend and speak at networking events, the opportunity to sponsor or host an event, receive free grant and contract funding opportunity announcements, be highlighted in our free quarterly newsletter, and given referrals for your services.

This CP-GWED Certificate Program requires completion of the following courses: 1. How to Write a Business Plan 2. How to Start a Non-profit 501 c (3) Tax Exempt Business 3. How to Find and Win Grants  4.  How to Find and Win Contracts  5.  Grant Writing

**Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, you can attend these classes from the safety and comfort of your home. These Live Webinars will be offered via ZOOM Video Conferencing. Customer Service will email you the Webinar link and class materials. You may access the Webinars by Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet, iPad, or Cell Phone. You will also be able to ask questions during the Q&A session.

The Training Certificate is a verifiable credential. To request your transcript, call or email customer service.  An application is required for enrollment into the CP-GWED program.




(Earn Ca$h for Referrals)

Events Join our affiliate program to help promote and market our events.  Earn a $25 referral fee for each person you refer to our paid events. You will receive an Eventbrite link to register, set up, and manage your events affiliate account.  You will receive a unique event registration link to promote events on your website and social media platforms.  Anyone who registers with your event link will appear in your affiliate account.  Payment from your account may be released to you by Cash Apps on the 10th business day of each month or credited towards registered events.

Consulting Services: You may also earn a 5% referral fee of up to $1,250 for each referral that secures Consulting Services with CBIR Inc.  Clients must submit an email to CBIR indicating your referral to us with your name, email address, and phone number before signing the Consulting Agreement. You may also ask them to copy you in the email referral sent to CBIR.  This is an excellent way to earn a quick income.  An application is required to register for the Affiliate Program.

Contact us for more information and registration.