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The Center for Business Innovative Research, Inc. (CBIR) embraces these Core Values and Professional Ethics to represent the fundamental Business Ethics of our organization.

  • We value our clients and practice our profession with the absolute obligation to safeguard the public trust.
  • We understand that we have a moral duty and obligation to our clients.
  • We commit to demonstrate the Core Values of Commitment, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovativeness, and Excellence.
  • We strive to improve our professional knowledge and skills to better serve others.
  • We foster cultural diversity and inclusion, and treat all people with dignity and respect.
  • We avoid even the appearance of any criminal offense or professional misconduct.
  • We provide accurate and legal contracts for our Consulting Services.
  • We commit to provide accurate and timely monthly or quarterly progress reports to our clients.
  • We commit to meet with our clients bi-monthly in-person, tele-conference, or video conference.
  • We act according to the highest standards of this organization, our clients, and grant profession.
  • We abide by the Business Ethics of this organization in all aspects of business and make it relevant to our individual conduct.
  • We do not engage in activities that harm our organization, clients, volunteers or the grant profession.
  • We comply with all applicable grantor, local, state and federal civil and criminal laws and regulations.
  • We take care that all solicitation materials and grant management reports are accurate and not misleading.
  • We do not disclose privileged or confidential information to unauthorized third parties.
  • We use accurate and consistent accounting methods that conform to the appropriate guidelines adopted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
  • We commit to fulfill our commitments to our clients, associates and grant makers.
  • We commit to identify and resolve all conflicts, misunderstandings, or complaints in a timely professional manner.
  • We do not submit grants or contracts on behalf of any client.  The client must always be the grant applicant.
  • We do not receive, nor handle, any funds from a grant or fundraising award.
  • We follow the ethical guidelines of professional grant writing organizations to accept deposits, payment plans, or payment-in-full prior to commencing services.
  • We set our fees based on a project basis (that is calculated by estimating the hours needed to complete the service).
  • We do not accept compensation that is a retainer, bonus, commission-based, or contingency-based.

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