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Prerequisites for Hiring a Professional Grant Writer:
When a business hires a Grant Writing Consultant to prepare a letter, proposal, or application for a grant award, there is a considerable amount of “EFFORT” that will be required on the part of the business. A person within your organization should be designated as the point of contact person to work with the Grant Consultant. Typical responsibilities of the business that must be accomplished in a timely manner will include the following:

  • Ensure participation with the Grant Consultant
  • Provide the 501 c 3 Determination Letter from by the IRS. (Not required, but this business designation is most competitive for government and foundation grants.)
  • Current Registration with the System for Award Management (SAM) will be required and must be maintained annually
  • Provide DUNS Number
  • Provide Business Plan, Vision and Mission Statement
  • Establish Business Brand: Phone, Email, Website, Social Media Platforms
  • Provide the Annual Organization Budget for the current year
  • Provide the Project Budget (summary budget plus line item details for the Budget Narrative)
  • Provide a Summary of the project to be funded (services to be provided, target population description, geographic service area, project staffing plan, etc.)
  • Provide information on current programs, projects, and services offered to the community
  • Provide Resumes and Bios of Key Personnel (Board Members & Management)
  • Provide construction site plans and bidding processes for contractors
  • Provide Information for any forms required by the Grantmaker
  • Reviewing documents prepared by the Grant Consultant
  • Ensure the AOR/CFO has all the necessary documentation to submit proposal or application to the Grantmaker

Does every business qualify for a grant?
Many businesses and government agencies may be eligible to apply for a grant. Consideration should be given not just to eligibility, but also whether or not the business or agency is competitive.

•Nonprofit Organizations with Exempt and Charitable status from IRS are more competitive for Foundation grants, Corporate grants, and Government grants.
•For-profit Businesses (corporation, partnership, sole proprietor, limited liability company) are more competitive for contracts but may qualify for grants as well.